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TireCare Puncture Repair, Permanent Repair, Fix Puncture, Tyre Fix

TireCare Revival Kit (Dual)

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What Are The Benefits?

  • Compact and light - Weighs and uses much less space than a spare tyre
  • Long shelf life - 5 years
  • Easy application - fix punctured tyres in less than 10 minutes
  • Fix punctures permanently - up to 10mm
  • No need to call towing services
  • No need to visit workshops for additional repair
  • Continue using tyre till end of its life span

 Difference between TireCare and a "regular" repair kit ?

  • TireCare fix punctures permanently, while normal repair kits included in new cars only provide a temporary fix, you would have to visit workshops for further repairs.

  • TireCare uses nano-fiber technology in our sealants, these nano-fibers help to seal up the puncture permanently.
  • TireCare is harmless to rims / tyres / TPMS, and does not dry up inside your tyres, while other sealants could potentially corrode rims, damage TPMS, or dry up and clog the air valves.
    • Receive the added assurance of our local warranty and support.

     TireCare Revival Kit vs TireCare Repair Kit?

    • The only difference between the two kits is the type of air compressor it comes with.

    • TireCare Revival Kit - premium quality air compressor that inflate tyres at a faster rate, comes with 5 years warranty

    • TireCare Repair Kit - standard air compressor with a 1 year warranty.

     What If I Already Have My Own Air Compressor?

    • If you already have your own air compressor, you can simply purchase the standalone TireCare formula here.

    How To Use


    Watch: TireCare is easily washable!

    What's In The Kit ?


    What Do You Get:

    • 2 x TireCare Revive Anti-Puncture CAR Sealant (400ml)
    • 1x TireCare Mobile Air Compressor
    • 1 x Easy DIY Application kit
    • 5 years Sealant Shelf Life (from production date)
    • 5 years warranty (Mobile Air Compressor)

    This kit measures 49 cm (L) by 18 cm (H) by 9 cm (W), and weighs 2.05 kg.

    *Based off 100-150 ml per puncture size of approx. 4mm

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