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We recommend that if you are installing TireCare sealant into new tires, that the workshop first balance them on a balancer first BEFORE application of the sealant into the tires.

We do not recommend installing TireCare sealant into tires that have structural problems or defects.

Once applied, TireCare sealant is designed to dynamically balance high-speed tire WITHOUT the need for wheel weights. Each time you drive, TireCare is constantly rebalancing your wheels automatically. It takes into account the road, tires and even the load of the vehicle. Wheel weights however, are a static balance and these weights never move even as the tires wear. Heavy spots in tires can change as the tires wear, rendering the static wheel weights ineffective.

In some isolated cases, there maybe some minor ride disturbances. These are generally temporary symptoms and will ease off once the sealant is distributed evenly within the tire. It is also important to recognize that ride disturbances may be caused by reasons such as 1) out-of-round tires 2) flat spots on tires 3) worn shock absorbers 4) mismounted wheel assembly 5) shifted tire belts 6) existing lead wheel weights interfering with the auto dynamic balancing

Please note that there may always be one or two vehicles out of a hundred that will have persistent minor ride disturbances. Such cases will be addressed and inspected on a case by case basis. TireCare is fully committed to ensuring a smooth ride for all customers and will provide all necessary after-sales support in such isolated cases.