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General FAQs

Q: What is the shelf-life of TireCare sealant ?

A: All TireCare sealant have a 5 years shelf life from the production date imprinted on the bottle and is local climate friendly.

Q: Can I use the TireCare formula interchangeably with other platforms.

A: No. Each TireCare formula is specifically designed for the respective platform. Please use the right formula for the intended platform. We do not recommend or condone substituting formulas (i.e. using bicycle for car or vice-versa)

Q: Can I scoop TireCare and install it in my new tire?

A: No, we do not recommend recycling / reusing TireCare sealant from one tire to another nor can we be held responsible for the results.

Q: I opened up my tire and the product looks greyish black, is everything okay?

A: Product discoloration is normal and will not impact the efficiency of the sealant. However, if the sealant looks very watery, this can be an indication of excessive moisture which will dilute the sealing efficiency.

Q: I have another tire sealant in my tires, can I still install TireCare?

A: No, TireCare should NOT be installed in tires that have any other product installed in them. You should thoroughly washed off the existing sealant before application of TireCare

Q: Does TireCare react chemically with the rims / tires / TPMS ?

A: No, TireCare is an eco friendly non-corrosive formula that will not damage your tire, rims, valves or TPMS.

Q: Is the TireCare formula Hazardous ?

A: No, TireCare is an eco-friendly non-hazardous formula and SGS-certified.

Q: Is the TireCare formula easily washable ?

A: Yes, TireCare can be easily washed out of a tire / rim with water and will not leave any permanent stain or residue.

Q: Does TireCare work in tube and tubeless tires?

A: Yes, TireCare works for both tube and tubeless tires. For bicycle, TireCare works for tubular tires as well.

Please note that in most cases, a tear cannot be sealed or fixed. It is also important to remove the foreign object immediately from a tire containing an inner tube to prevent further damage that can result in tearing of the tube. In addition for inner tubes, sealing efficiency will be reduced as a puncturing object often tear the tube.

Q: What if the TireCare formula comes into contact with moisture

A: Excessive moisture will dilute the sealing efficiency of TireCare. The most common reason for this is air sources that are not adequately "dry" as air compressors may not always be optimally maintained. We recommend that you check with the shop or petrol kiosk if their compressors are serviced regularly.