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What Is TireCare ?

TireCare, Most Advanced Puncture Solution, Fix Punctures Permanently, Best Tyre Fix

TireCare is an advanced anti-puncture solution, designed to rapidly seal punctures permanently within seconds.

Our secret lies in our innovative and high-strength nano fibre technology, a world's first innovation which enables punctures to be fixed permanently

TireCare has been formulated to be eco-friendly and also lab tested (SGS-certified) to be free of substance of very high concerns (SVHC). What this mean for you is:

  • No damage to Rims 
  • No damage to TPMS
  • No damage to Tyres
  • No choking of the Valves

We are trusted by emergency ambulances and elite military units.

Scroll below and click your vehicular platform to view the available solution crafted to provide you a peace of mind for your journey.

Passenger Car



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TireCare Fix Bicycle Tyre Puncture, Permanent Puncture Fix, Tyre Repair, Tire Sealant, Tube, Tubeless, Tubular


Commercial Vehicle

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