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Customer review

TireCare Sealant performed really well during the 5 days of enduro mountain bike racing I did at the Trans NZ that just finished. I took the bike through some fun MTB tracks with roots, rocks, holes, steep sections, and some hard landings during the race, and not a single puncture or leak occured. Very impressed and I'll certainly recommend TireCare to any mountain bikers out there.

Wilson Low (Co-founder, Raw epics)

i frequently drive into Malaysia and having this kit gives me the peace of mind that I have a reliable puncture solution.

Joseph Lik (business owner)

had my tires punctured on a couple occasions and was looking for an alternative solution that I could DIY myself; was sufficiently impressed by the live demo and bought a revival kit for future protection

Daniel Li (senior executive)

Purchasing the revival kit was a no brainer for me after watching the live demo to replace the ageing spare tire in my odyssey as a form of travel insurance against punctures

Ron Ho (sales director)