Buddy Deal! Repair Kit 2nd set at 50% off!

It's Time To Ditch Your Spare Tire !

You are on the expressway and your tire punctures. You have the following options:

  • Change the tire (Oops! Did you know most new cars do not come with a spare tire)
  • Call a professional roadside assistance
  • Utilize the manufacturer supplied temporary tire repair kit

People have become so used to conventional solutions to tire punctures that they stopped questioning it. But we did.

The game changing TireCare Revival kit is designed to permanently fix punctures up to 12mm, allowing you to resume your journey in just 10 minutes. No lengthy downtime. No prolonged exposure to the dangers of passing traffic. No costly tire replacement.

Safeguard your journey today with the TireCare Revival kit, compatible with both standard and run-flat tires.

For added security and convenience, the TireCare's cutting edge formula can also be applied prior to a puncture for all 4 tires, as a preventive solution! Contact us today to find out more how you can benefit from this preventive approach !