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A Race without Tyre Sealant

Ever wonder how much effort does it takes to replace a bicycle tyre? Doesn’t matter if you are a pro rider or just getting started, replacing a tyre will always be a hassle. Especially those who are in the midst of a race, the clock is ticking and every minute spent on replacing the tyre adds an extra minutes onto your race time. Eventually, time wasted on replacing the tyre could potentially cost you your championship.

Depending on the types of tyre that is used during the race, different tyre replacing procedure is needed if one experiences a flat tyre. Generally, if you are using a clincher, replacing it wouldn’t take too long. However, time is still wasted. If you are using a tubular or tubeless tyre, replacing it will take at least half an hour before you can resume your racing journey. You will have to either stop at the aid station to get your tyre fix or awaits your support car to come to your aid. Meanwhile, you will have to go through the agony of seeing your opponents overtake you as you patiently wait till the tyre is good to go. Despite resuming your journey, there is no guarantee that a second puncture wouldn’t occur during the course of the race. Imagine the frustration you will have to go through if such incident does happen to you.

flat tyre without tyre sealant

In a nutshell, tyre puncture is the most unpredictable event that one could imagine. A rider can have a flat-free ride for the entire season, or might experience at least one tyre puncture throughout the season or even worst, twice or more within the same day. But by using TireCare Sealant, your chance of riding on a flat tyre is drastically reduced. Even if the tyre is being punctured, the sealant is able to seal up the puncture seamlessly without having the need of you stopping your ride and replacing your tyre.

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