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Why Can’t You Repair Tyres with A Punctured Sidewall?

They say damage to sidewall is always different and complicated as compared to a standard tyre puncture. Most frequently, tyre sidewall puncture cannot be repaired at all, especially if some slices or cuts are deeply rooted. As far as tyre repair of regular puncture is concerned, it can be done very easily by oneself by parking the car or bike at an area with no traffic or at the nearest gas station. However, since the sidewall of the tyre is comprised of steel rings for more balance and power purpose, and also because the sidewall is profoundly thin with flex design to transfer the rest of vehicle’s power to the road, it is precarious and almost impossible to repair tyre puncture with the damaged sidewall. Most prominent reasons which tell us why tyre repair in case of the damaged sidewall cannot be done include:


Patching might work but at the cost of class and perfection: Sidewall tyre repair is made possible with several methods in recent times, one of them was patching, in this approach, cement tube that comes with repair kit is used. However, after when you have placed a patch on sidewall tyre puncture, there is a huge risk that your vehicle might not perform the functions at its best, it's as simple as that. Even if one opts to drive at a slow speed, there is a significant chance that tyre might blow out and cause injuries to people sitting in and going around.

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Similarly, tyres contain cords that make the function and contact of the vehicle with road convenient. In contrary to that, there are no cords on the sidewalls due to which cement patch keeps on leaking all the time as there is no way for the plug to cover tyre puncture or hole in the sidewall of the tyre.