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Pre-Ride Bicycle Inspection

When it comes to cycling, doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned rider or just getting started, we are always anxious to get on the bicycle and start peddling. But for your own safety, it is always good to develop a habit to perform some of the few simplest pre-ride inspection. By doing so, you would have reduce the risk of bicycle mechanical failures or crashes which could result in serious injuries.



Check for wear and tear or any cuts or cracks on the tread or sidewalls.
Make sure the tyres are well inflated.
You may also use TireCare Preventive Sealant to prevent or reduce the chances of a flat tyre.

tyre sealant - tirecare bicycle sealant with stans notubes tyre


Lift the bicycle up and rock the front/rear wheel side by side, make sure that there is no “play” or looseness in any of the direction that the wheel is being rocked.


Squeeze your front/rear brake lever (one lever at a time) to make sure the brakes are engaging properly and smoothly.

If you are using a rim brake, make sure the brake pads are gripping the rims and not the tyres for this will damage the sidewalls.


Make sure the chain is well lubricated, and change it if it’s completely covered with rust.

bicycle chain

Crank arms and pedals

Grab the bicycle crank arm to check for any “play” or looseness. The crank arm should be tighten, if there is any “play” then the bottom bracket need to be overhauled or replaced.

Saddle & handle bar position

The saddle should not be position too high or too low, but instead at the height whereby your knee is slightly bent when your leg is extended in the 6 o’clock position. The handle bar must also be positioned to a correct height that is comfortable for you.
Positioning your sit wrongly will affect your cycling experience by either unable to cycle efficiently or having the chance of injuring your knee.


As much time as it takes to read this article, it only requires a couple of minutes of perform these pre-ride inspection and once it becomes a habit, a couple of minute might only takes half a minute before you can start enjoying cycling session safely.