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Important Numbers to Remember For Your Road Trip Across the Causeway

Short weekend getaway, one-day shopping trip and indulgence in yummy food across the Causeway – these are some activities which Singaporeans like to do in Malaysia, one of the most visited places by fellow Singaporeans.  With the exchange rate as it is, it would be a great place to stretch your dollar too.

We are going to provide you a useful Contact List so that you know instantly what to do if you encounter with any unplanned situations such as accidents.

Dial 999 for Emergencies

Yes, 999 also works the same way as it is in Singapore. All calls made are free of charge so you don’t have to worry about your roaming charges.

Breakdown on North South HighWay – Call Toll PLUS at 1800 88 0000

We personally had a terrifying experience where our vehicle battery went flat on the North South Highway, we waited for almost 3 hours before the toll truck arrived. In between, we were approached by random strangers telling us that their workshop is near and we should let them tow our car there. We were almost convinced until the expressway assistance folks arrived and we followed them instead. Even the expressway assistance folks said we could be in a lot more trouble if we had gone with them.

[TIP] Along the expressway, there will always be phones to call for help. They may be some distance from each other but they are still the best option you have. Further more, it helps the operator to locate which part of the expressway you are at. 

Help for Tourist in Jb  +60-7-221-2999

The Malaysian police has also set up a hotline for tourists to call should they require urgent police assistance in Johor Bahru. According to one of our contributors, this is useful when you lost your wallet or passport.

Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs in JB:  +60-19-791-1166

In addition, the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has a Consulate-General office in Johor Bahru. Should you require its assistance, the Emergency Contact number to call is . The Consulate-General office is located at Suite 35.02, Level 35, Johor Bahru City Square Office Tower, 106-108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru. MFA has a robust system to help Singaporeans should they meet with any difficulties and require assistance overseas.

 Caught with a flat tire overseas?

Being stranded in a foreign land can be an uneasy and sometimes dangerous situation. Whilst we cannot predict when a flat tire will hit us, we can certainly take control of the outcome.

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