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How To Deal With A Puncture On The Road

If you’re in the middle of the road and suspect a tyre puncture, then the first and foremost step in such case is to quickly get yourself away from the rush of traffic after safely pulling over. The next step is to handle your break in a careful manner with a tight grip and avoid applying it without slowing down the speed because it can cause loss of control. Tyre puncture is mainly due to unfavorable or wet weather which damages the rubber and ultimately causes flatness of tyre. Another common reason is riding with the low air pressure of a tyre. While you are on the road, the following are some of the steps to repair the tyre.


Repair Toolkit: This is the short-term but effective way of tyre repair especially when one is left stranded. Tyre toolkits are easy to carry or usually available under the seat within your gear. When you do not have many options, it's convenient to repair tyre by trying to plug with the help of cartridges to re-inflate the punctured tyre. Moreover, using repair kit is not the safest way of tyre repair and similarly, once plug repair has been applied, you won’t be able to fix the tyre permanently.


Tyre sealant: It is another method of tyre repair in which tyre sealant is used for fixing a tyre puncture. TireCare Sealant the world’s first permanent tyre sealant and the best tyre sealant to fix a flat tyre. The sealants can permanently seals up punctures up to 12mm. Although it requires a DIY process as you will have to manually apply the sealant into the tyre, there is no need for you to jack, unscrew or replace the tyre for as long as the sealant is in the tyre.


Tire Sealant: TireCare Revival Kit Installation