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TireCare Revive Anti-Puncture CAR

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What Are The Benefits?

  • Anti-Puncture Formula Injected In Advance Into Tire
  • One bottle For 4 Wheels 
  • Protection Up To 10k Per Application
  • Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), Rim and Tire friendly
  • Trusted By Emergency Ambulances

     Frequently Asked: What Happens After The 10K Mileage ?

     You can opt to extend the protection with another bottle. However should you choose not to, it is absolutely fine as well. You are in control on when you want to extend the protection (e.g. before an overseas trip). 

      Watch: How It Works


      Watch: How TireCare Is Easily Washable (No Rim Damage)

      What Do You Get:

      • 1 x TireCare Anti-Puncture CAR formula (400ml)
      • 1 x DIY Installation Kit
      • 5 years Sealant Shelf Life (from production date, when bottle is sealed)

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      Prefer A Post-Puncture Repair Kit ? We Have That Too ! - Click HERE

      Labor charges may apply in-store

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